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Accessory for heating hoses

Accessory for heating hoses Eltherm

Fittings and end caps

OD of heated hose in mm Type Properties Material
43 Fitting M 63 x 1.5 movable Plastic or stainless steel
43 Plastic end cap with PG29 thread not movable Polyamide
43 M 50 x 1.5 tube coupler not movable PA / galvanised brass thread
55 Резьбовое соединение
подвижное латунь
55 M72x2 thread movable brass
55 M 63 x 1.5 tube coupler not movable PA / galvanised brass thread
63 Bolted flange jointKEL-Jumbo with sealKTF 62 Can be mounted subsequently Polyamide / elastomer seal

Coupling box type ELH/KK

Coupling boxes are an ideal solution when it is necessary to bridge very long stretches using a heated sample gas line or existing sample gas lines have to be extended due to structural modifications. Junction boxes are made of powder-coated sheet metal (stainless steel available on request) and are equipped with terminals for feeding the heated hose to be coupled. By default, our junction boxes are delivered with a ready-made heating cable for heating the coupling point. Additional junction boxes, such s for t-branches or for Ex-area use are available on request.Please note that the required ferrule compression fittings must be ordered separately.

Type ELH/KK-2-M63-1HK
Junction box for
connecting 2 analytic wires
Dimensions< 300 x 200 x 120 mm
Housing material Sheet metal, powder-coated RAL 7032
Screw glands 2 x M63x1.5; 1 x M25 x 1.5; 1 x M20 x 1.5
Insulation material 0.3 m silicone foam hose
Coupling point heating via ready-made heating cable type ELKM-AE
Item no. 5KZC001

Hose protection. Plastic abrasion protection, polyamide protectors, type ELH/protector

Регулируемые обогреваемые шланги

Field of application

  • Additional abrasion and impact protection for our heated hoses with corrugated PA hose
  • Additional labelling of heated hoses

Special characteristics

  • Simple subsequent installation
  • Highly abrasion-resistant
  • Absolutely firm and optimal stability on our corrugated PA hoses
  • Colour: black
  • Temperature range: from min. –40°C to max. +100°C
  • Material: Polyamide
Designation Item no. for outer hose (mm)
ELH/ protect-PG29 5XZC006 35
ELH/ protect-PG36 5XZC007 43
ELH/ protect-PG48 5XZC008 55
ELH/ protect-PG52 5XZC009 63
ELH/ protect-PG70 5XZC010 83

Hose protection. Plastic abrasion protection, protective plastic spiral, type

Field of application

  • Additional abrasion protection for heated hoses and hose lines
  • Additional contact protection for heated hoses with high surface temperature
  • Also suitable for bundling of unheated hose lines or con-necting cables

Special characteristics

  • Highly abrasion-resistant
  • Easy subsequent installation by wrapping
  • UV-resistant / tolerance for acids, oils and solutions
  • Antistatic additives included
  • Recyclable
  • Rounded edges preventing hose lines and do not damage outer jackets
  • Colour: black
  • Temperaturbereich: from –50 °C min. to +100 °C max
  • Material: HD polyethylene
Designation Item no.
ELH/ protect-PG29 5XZC006
ELH/ protect-PG36 5XZC007
ELH/ protect-PG48 5XZC008
ELH/ protect-PG52 5XZC009
ELH/ protect-PG70 5XZC010

Ferrule compression fittings

Type: straight ferrule compression fitting

Material: stainless steel 316

Item no NW for connection with outer diameter
2883000600 4/6 2 x 6 mm
2883000800 6/8 2 x 8 mm
2883001000 8/10 2 x 10 mm
2883001300 10/12 2 x 12 mm

Type: T-ferrule compression fitting

Material: stainless steel 316

Item no. NW for connection with outer diameter 2883T00600 4/6 3 x 6 mm 2883T00800 6/8 3 x 8 mm 2883T01000 8/10 3 x 10 mm 2883T01200 10/12 3 x 12 mm
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