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Heated hoses ELHA

Heated hoses Eltherm ELHA

Проотборные нагревательные шлангиHeated sample lines are used to transport gaseous media from the sampling point to an analytical measuring device. In most cases they are permanently installed in plants or in the form of portable systems. A main field of application is the emission monitoring required by the authorities, e.g. in power plants or waste incineration plants. Our heated analysis lines are also used in process analysis in various branches of industry, e.g.: the chemical and petrochemical industry, where one of their functions is the monitoring and control of combustion processes. Heated analysis lines are also used in engine test benches for combustion engines.

Technical benefits Eltherm ELHA

  • Transport of gaseous media without temperature loss
  • Heat output optimised for application
  • Great heating circuit lengths
  • Heating cables produced in-house
  • With integrated filter upon request

Technical data

Nominal temperature 5°C up to 450°C
Nominal width 2 mm up to 12 mm
Length 0.3 m up to 150 m
Voltage 12 V up to 400 V

Construction of Eltherm heating hoses

Heated hoses Eltherm ELHA

  1. Inner liners: see types of inner liner
  2. Sensor: a temperature sensor is mounted between inner liner and heating cable for temperature control. Additional sensors can be mounted in any position for further temperature detection. We use PT-100 sensors in 2-wire technology as a standard. In addition, it is possible to integrate nearly any customary temperature sensor (e.g. thermocouple type K / J, PT-1000, etc.).
  3. Heating cable: the resistance heating cable, the basic element is produced in-house. eltherm uses only heat-ing cables insulated with fluorpolymer. As a standard, we use our ELKM-AE heating cable up to max. 250 °C.
  4. Insulation: insulation depends on max. operating temperature and selection of outer jacket (see hose con-figuration, pages 10 ff). As a rule, special thermal fleece materials and foam hoses are used (up to 100 °C elasto-mer foam hose, up to 250 °C silicone foam hoses).
  5. Outer jacket: outer jacket selection is determined by application, bending radius and ambient temperatures. The outer jacket provides heated hoses with reliable protection from humidity, weather, external environ-mental impact and mechanical strain.
  6. End caps: end caps seal off heated hoses at both ends. The integrated strain relief provides reliable relief for the connecting cable. End caps are silicone by default and available in EPDM, plastic (polyamide) and galvanised metal.
  7. Connecting fitting: connection to analyser or probe
  8. Connecting cables: by default, the connecting cable is led out separately. (sensor cable and tracer cable). Default length of the connection cables is 1.5 m each. Upon request, any customary plug can be mounted to the connection cable.
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