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Gas heating

Gas heating systems Thermon

Gas heating systems ThermonThe company "Energiya Tepla" suggests solutions for the creation of gas heating systems that meen the needs of all sectors of industry. The are following types of gas heating:

  • Case heaters;
  • Explosion-proof gas catalytic heaters;
  • Gas blowers;
  • Gas heating accessories.

1. Explosion-proof gas catalytic heaters

Explosion-proof gas catalytic heatersCataDyne gas catalytic heaters are the industry standard for gas heaters.

Thermon gas catalytic heaters

Thermon gas heaters are produced for:

  • Wet gas freeze protection;
  • Hydrate protection.

2. Gas blowers Thermon

Scope of gas blowers HellFire

Gas blowers ThermonThermon hellfire gas air rail heaters are used for heating railway tracks and railroad switches.

Use of gas blowers HellFire 400 and HellFire 900

Gas blowers HELLFIRE 900 and HELLFIRE 400 clean ice and snow from the switches. These devices from the company "Energiya Tepla" for snow purification consist of a blower, a combustion chamber and a system of channels through which heated air from the combustion chamber is supplied to the transfer mechanism.

3. Explosion-proof gas catalytic heaters Thermon

Explosion-proof gas catalytic heaters ThermonCataDyne gas catalytic heaters are the industry standard for individual space heating. Housing heaters are produced to protect against freezing of wet gas and protect against the formation of hydrates.
HellFire 400 and HellFire 900 provide superior freeze protection for instrumentation, regulators, valves, and instrumentation. They can also be used to heat batteries, radio controls, and other moisture-sensitive equipment.

4. Gas heating accessories

Gas heating accessoriesThe Cata Dyne product line comes with the basic accessories needed to operate the plant safely and efficiently. Accessories include: regulators, thermostats, valves, mounting consoles and wires to batteries. These gas heating accessories are specifically designed for use with the Cata Dyne gas catalytic heater to provide professional installation in any gas heating application.

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