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Industrial electric heaters

Electric heating Thermon industrial facilities

Use electric industrial systems

Electric heating Thermon industrial facilitiesThe company "Energiya Tepla" provides heating systems and filtering equipment at all stages of production, processing, transporation, storage and distribution of industrial.

Electric heating systems supplied to all sectors of industry:

  • Drilling and production (primary sector)
  • Processing
  • Transportation and storage (middle sector)
  • Distribution to end-user (sales sector)

Explosion-proof electric heaters for industry brands CataDyne, Ruffneck and Norseman provide unrivaled efficiency and durability in harsh environments, when the decisive role is played by the availability of safe and reliable heating

Products from the Caloritech and 3L Filters brands are world-class industrial heating and filtration systems capable of accomplishing the tasks of almost any project.

Quality guaranty of electrical heating equipments

All products from proven standard products to the most advanced systems optimized and produced according to the technical specifications of the customer meet the most stringent operating requirements. The company "Eneriya Tepla" has a high level of skill, knowledge and rich experience in the development, production and installation of heating and filtration systems, so the systems are used at all stages of production, from the wellhead to the end user.

Types of industrial electrical heating products from the company "Energiya Tepla"

1. Electrical heaters "Ruffneck" for the harshest environments

Thermon RuffneckThe Ruffneck electric heaters suggested by company "Energiya Tepla" are known for their robust, reliable, and universality explosion-proof heaters and accessories produced for the toughest conditions. The Ruffneck brand has a glorious 30-year history of supplying high-quality products for working in harsh industrial conditions. The main motto of electrical equipment "Ruffneck" - "Install the heating system in a week".

2. Electrical explosion-proof heaters "Norseman" for the harshest environments

 Electrical explosion-proof heaters"Norseman" brand includes the manufacture of explosion-proof electric air heaters and heating accessories with the most advanced technology. These include forced-air heaters, natural convection, heater sides, heater panels, and thermostats. "Norseman" equipment is a progressive heating solution requiring dedicated maintenance for a wide range of applications.

3. Explosion-proof catalytic gas heaters "CataDyne"

The company "Energiya Tepla" suggest explosion-proof catalytic gas heaters, which are the industry standard for natural gas production. Natural gas infrared catalytic heaters are used to heat gas, reservois and bunkers, pipeline systems and related equipment. Customers rely on "CataDyne" products as the guarantor of safe, reliable, efficient and versatile infrared catalytic heating equipment for a wide variety of applications, including hazardous areas.

4. Technical solutions in the field of electrical heating of equipment "Caloritech"

Electric heaters Caloritech, heating elements, and accessories supplied by the company "Energiya Tepla" are well known in the oil and gas industry for their high quality, reliability, performance, and universality. Regardless of the application and operating conditions, "Caloritech" will always offer the best heating solution.

5. Technically complex filtering systems "3L Filters"

"3L Filters" more than 40 years satisfy the most stringent requirements for industrial filters. A wide assortment includes: filters for natural gas and liquids, strainers, separators, pressure vessels, special products and systems.

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