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Calculation and selection of equipments

Online Energy - complex solutions and supplies of equipment for industrial facilities of any complexity.

Professional calculation, selection and supply of equipment for industrial heating systems

Supplied by our company reliable and proven equipment for industrial systems and control systems supplied by our company allows us to solve the whole range of engineering tasks for industrial enterprises of any complexity and any scale.

Including the tasks of building an efficient and reliable industrial systems, which includes the following steps:

Stages of creating industrial systems

1. Design of cable heating systems and process control systems.

designDeveloping heating solutions is a complex and time-consuming task . A qualified design of an electric heating system will allow you to avoid unnecessary costs for the purchase of equipment, installation and maintenance of the heating system and ensure reliable operation for many years.

Design is the initial and most important stage in the development of an efficient electrical heating system. The main task of the design is the formation of technical solutions for real infrastructure objects of the customer and the creation of a set of working documentation. The development of design documentation is carried out in accordance with the requirements of the customer and the requirements of the standards: GOST IEC 62395-1-2016 "Pipeline heating systems operating on electrical resistance for industrial and commercial applications" SNiP-41-03-2003 "Thermal insulation of equipment and pipelines" Building codes and rules SNiP 3.05.06-85 “Electrical devices.

Where is the design of the heating system required?

The design of heating systems is required in the following areas:

Stages of drawing up design documentation for a heating system

  • Primary analysis of the terms of reference, development of a technical commercial proposal for the design.
  • The main technical parameters are identified based on the customer's completed questionnaires and the initial data provided by them for the future heating project. All factors and conditions in which the system will function are taken into account.
  • Basic calculation of the heating system is performed. A heat engineering calculation of the heating system is carried out on the basis of completed questionnaires. Selection and coordination with the customer of the optimal heating systems that will be used at the facility (heating cables, control cabinets, fixtures, automation, etc.).
  • Materials and equipment for heating the system are selected, ideally suited for a specific project.
  • Formation of working documentation of the heating system based on design and technical documentation and customer requirements.
  • Coordination of the generated working documentation with the customer.
  • Project documentation is being developed.
  • The final working documentation is provided to the customer in the required format.

As a result, the customer receives design documentation that reflects the exact information of the heating system, on the basis of which installation, commissioning and operation are carried out in the future.

Professional and competent heat engineering calculation and the subsequent supply of high-quality and reliable equipment from trusted suppliers is a guarantee of efficient and uninterrupted operation of the industrial heating system for many years.

Many years of experience of Online Energy in the industrial heating market allows us to guarantee the supply of only the best heating equipment for any customer requirements and the complexity of heating objects.

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Composition of design documentation for the heating system

Based on the results of the completed design work, the customer receives a set of project documentation, which includes:

  • An explanatory note with the calculations made, the specifics of the installation and operation of the heating system at the facility.
  • Heat engineering calculation of the heating system.
  • Layout plans for the heating cable with lists of heating sections, thermal units.
  • Schemes of installation of heating cable, thermal insulation, fixtures, automation, etc.
  • Plan of laying out the power supply cable (if necessary) with sections of cable routes.
  • Schemes for connecting heating elements to control cabinets, and connecting control cabinets to the mains.
  • Specification of the entire list of equipment and materials.
  • Specifications for the supply of power to the heating system.
  • Operating manuals and passport for electric heating control cabinets (if supplied).

2. Electrical work.

electrical_workOne ​​of the key points in creating a professional heating system is the stage of electrical work. For the efficient and uninterrupted functioning of the heating system, during the installation phase, all work must be carried out only by professionals with the appropriate approvals.

The entire range of work on the installation of equipment for the heating system at the facility must be carried out in close cooperation with the technical departments of the customer, which allows us to resolve all emerging problems and questions as soon as possible. Technical support by specialists is carried out from the stage of initial import of materials and equipment to the facility to the stage of putting the system into commercial operation.

3. Installation supervision.

Installation supervision - is an organizational and technical management of installation, configuration and start-up of electric heating equipment by the supplier of this equipment when installation work is performed by the customer's specialists.

The installation supervision service is in demand among customers who have valid contracts with installation organizations, or customers who want to carry out installation by their own specialists.

Installation supervision is accompanied by specialist visits to the heating facility.

List of works performed during installation supervision

  • Departure of qualified specialists of the company to the heating facility. At this stage of work, initial estimates of the scope of work at the facility are made, technical documentation is being studied.
  • Scheduling heating work. When supervising the installation of an object, the schedule for the implementation of each stage of work must be strictly observed, in accordance with the project documentation.
  • Implementation of general technical and technological control over the progress of work. Carrying out this stage of work implies control, consultation and technical support of work by installation specialists.
  • Monitoring compliance with technical specifications and installation standards laid down by the equipment manufacturer. Checking the compliance of the requirements for the installation and operation of heating equipment with the conditions of the installed electric heating system.
  • Theoretical and practical training of the customer's personnel. Consultation on emerging issues during installation, as well as instruction on commissioning and further use of the equipment of the electric heating system at the facility.
  • Quality control of the work performed on heating the object. Checking for compliance with the requirements and standards at each stage of the work carried out up to commissioning.

4. Commissioning in industrial heating systems.

commissioningSystem Commissioning electrical heating of pipelines, tanks and bunkers are the final stage of installation of the electrical heating system. Professional commissioning of industrial heating will ensure high-quality and uninterrupted operation of the equipment during further operation.

Stages of commissioning at the heating facility

  • Drawing up a program for commissioning the heating system. The program is compiled in agreement with the customer, taking into account the wishes and safety requirements.
  • Visual inspection. Visual inspection precedes the stage of individual testing of the components of the electrical equipment of the industrial heating system and is carried out in the absence of voltage (disconnected electrical installation).

Visual inspection allows you to make sure that the installed equipment:

  • Complies with safety requirements and relevant standards for heating equipment.
  • Correctly selected and installed in accordance with the requirements of the standards and the project for the electrical installation of the industrial heating system.
  • Has no damage that affects the efficiency, longevity and safety of the system.
  • In addition, during the visual inspection of the installed industrial heating system, the condition of the thermal insulation of pipelines, tanks and bunkers is checked. Thermal insulation must fully comply with the thermal engineering calculation laid down in the project. The protective cover must not have cracks or dents.

5. Technical support.

tech_supportTechnical support is the final and one of the most important stages in the range of services for the implementation of an industrial electric heating project. The technical support provided by our company ensures the successful use by our partners of the newly installed or already operated equipment of the industrial heating complex. As part of technical support, work can be carried out to diagnose and eliminate the causes that lead to malfunctioning or complete (partial) inoperability of equipment and / or software, as well as provide the necessary advice and explanations.

Technical support works can be carried out both remotely and with the departure of company employees to the place of equipment installation.

Техническая поддержка смонтированного и запущенного комплекса промышленного обогрева осуществляется на протяжении всего гарантийного срока на условиях, определенных договором, и по желанию клиента может быть продлена на постгарантийный период путем заключения договора о технической поддержке.

What is included in technical support?

Post-warranty technical support includes:

  • Technical consultation at the request of the client on all issues of the operation of the equipment.
  • Performing diagnostics.
  • Preventive and corrective maintenance of equipment.
  • Repair and replacement of individual components of the industrial heating complex.
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