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Safe installation in Ex-areas

Explosion-proof Wieland connectors and connections for installation in Ex-areas

wieland_5The series of quick-detachable connectors and connections for installation on a cable or in a panel, presented on the website Online Energy is a complete system of components for solving the problems of electrical switching of power and heating cables in industrial electrical heating systems. Depending on the scope of application, general industrial and explosion-proof versions are offered.

Easily removable couplings of general application can be used for installation of electric heating cable at industrial facilities. Maintaining the required temperature level of the pipeline, heating tanks and reservoirs.

"Wieland" series includes connectors and connectors with 2 to 5 poles.

Features of Wieland explosion-proof connectors

Features of Wieland explosion-proof connectors"Wieland" series includes components designed for use in Ex-areas.

Using of components of the Ex series allows solving a wide range of tasks for cable electric heating in Ex-areas.

Specifications for Wieland Flameproof Connectors

  • 3 or 5 poles per connector.
  • Rated voltage 250 V.
  • Rated current 20A.
  • Working temperature range from - 65 to + 100 °С.
  • Degree of protection IP 68(69)K.

Wieland explosion-proof connector range

Connector name Cable diameter, mm Fixation type color Article

Explosion-proof connector, socket, 3 poles per cable
6-10 Spring Gray x6.031.0053.0
Spring Black x6.031.0053.1
10-14 Spring Gray x6.031.0153.0
Spring Black x6.031.0153.1
6-10 Screw Gray x6.031.4053.0
Screw Black x6.031.4053.1
10-14 Screw Gray x6.031.4153.0
Screw Black x6.031.4153.1

Explosion-proof connector, angled 90, socket, 3 poles, for cable 6-10 Spring Grey x6.033.0053.0
Spring Black x6.033.0053.1
10-14 Spring Grey x6.033.0153.0
Spring Black x6.033.0153.1
6-10 Screw Grey x6.033.4053.0
Screw Black x6.033.4053.1
10-14 Screw Black x6.033.4153.0
Screw Black x6.033.4153.1
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