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Heating cables ELSR-M-BF

Self-regulating heating cables Eltherm ELSR-M-BF

ELSR-M-BFELSR-M-AF/BF is suited for freeze prevention in pipes and pipelines with seasonal exposure. Typical applications are water supply systems and sanitary facilities on building sites, outdoor events, winter markets etc.

This self-regulating heating cable is used in various industries, mainly in food processing, to protect against freezing, maintain the process temperature of lines, tanks with drinking water or other liquids.

It can be laid inside pipelines. Well suited for short heating circuits. The cable is cut into sections of the required length within the maximum permissible

Construction of Eltherm ELSR-M-BF

Конструкция греющего кабеля ELSR-M-BF1. Bus wire (nickel plated copper).

2. Self-regulating heating element.

3. Insulation.

4. Protection.

5. Outer jacket.

Technical information

Maximum ambient temperature energized 65°C
de-energized 65°C
Installation temperature, min. - 45°C
Bending radius, min 25 mm
Nominal voltage 230 V


In-pipe trace heating approved for potable water pipes and flexible tubes.


  • Officially approved
  • Can be used in liquids
  • Suitable for drinking water
  • Small dimensions

Heating circuit lengths on the following conditions

  • 230 V nominal voltage
  • Delayed action circuit breakers (C-characteristic) with 80 % maximum load
  • Maximum 10 % line voltage drop on heating cable bus wire
  • Power connection to one heater end
Switch-on-temperature (°C) Nominal cutout value (A) Heating circuit length (m) for
10 10 74.0
16 89.5
20 89.5
0 10 61.5
16 89.5
20 89.5
- 30 10 61.5
16 89.5
20 89.5
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