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Heating cable ELSR-Ramp

Self-regulating heating cable Eltherm ELSR-Ramp

ELSR-rampELSR-Ramp for freeze prevention is specially designed for concrete ramps and outdoor surfaces.

Construction of Eltherm ELSR-Ramp

Конструкция Eltherm ELSR-Ramp1. Bus wire (nickel plated copper).

2. Self-regulating heating element.

3. Insulation.

4. Protection (protective braid)

5. Outer jacket.

Technical information:

Maximum ambient temperature energized 80°C
de-energized 100°C
Installation temperature, min. - 20°C
Bending radius, min. 50 mm
Nominal voltage 230 V

Technical benefits Eltherm ELSR-Ramp:

  • Highly robust
  • Suited for hardest installing conditions
  • Flexible mountin
  • Radially and longitudinally waterproof
  • Outer jacket is strongly grouted with protective braid
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