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Direct installation system in concrete for snowmelt using Korean cable Fine Korea SM-2-CR series

The "SM2-CR" cable from Online Energy is specially designed for direct installation into concrete to melt the snow that accumulates on the streets. The cable consists of a continuous core of conductive polymer extruded between two copper bars.

fine-korea-sm SM-22 series cables, using the PTC principle, adjust their own output power depending on the ambient temperature under the influence of the current flowing through the cable core, and reduce power consumption during operation.

Unlike conventional metal wire, which generates heat based on its length, the core of a cable is made up of endless parallel bonds of carbon particles. Parallel connections allow you to cut the cable to the exact length without waste.

Design of heating cable SM-2-CR from Online Energy

fine-korea-sm-construction 1. Copper bar.
2. Self-regulating conductive core.
3. Modified polyolefin insulation.
4. Copper puddle braid.
5. Modified polyolefin outer thermal insulation.

Key advantages of Fine Korea SM-2-CR heating cable

  • Long service life (semi-permanent). During the manufacturing process, the cable is additionally treated at elevated temperature with intermediate annealing to give it stability without loss of thermal output during its entire service life.
  • Low power consumption. The low power consumption of the cable is due to its unique positive temperature coefficient (PTC).
  • Excellent heat resistance.During the manufacturing process, the cable is cross-linked and vulcanized to provide the same thermosetting properties as XLPE (cross-linked molecular structure).
  • Cut to desired length. The cable core consists of endless parallel bonds of carbon particles, which allows the cable to be cut into pieces of the exact required length.

Residual current circuit breaker current dependence and maximum circuit length

220 V
Start temperature
15 A 20A 30A 40 A
10 0C 35 fifty 65 80
0 0C 33 47 61 75
-10 0C 31 43 61 75
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