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Caloritech engineered electric heat

Погружные нагревателиCaloritech by Thermon Heating Systems features the broadest array of industry-standard heating products for industrial process heating with the most available options on the market. Caloritech products are, in many cases, also highly compatible with our other product lines -- Cata-Dyne, Ruffneck, Norseman, Fastrax and 3L Filters -- to provide our customers with complete package solutions for industrial and commercial applications.

Caloritech electric heaters, heating elements and heating accessories are well-known in the industry for their quality, reliability, performance and versatility. In addition to standard “off the shelf” industrial heaters and heating systems components, Caloritech also offers engineered heating solutions custom designed, manufactured and tested to satisfy customer specifications. No matter what your application or environment, Caloritech has a solution to fit your heating needs.

Types of Caloritech

  1. Elements & Specialty Heaters.
  2. Engineered Products.
  3. Immersion Heaters.
  4. Air & Space Heaters.
  5. Boilers.
  6. Accessories & Controls.
  7. Transit Heaters.

Elements & Specialty Heaters

Tubular Heaters – HX, IX, KX Series

Tubu<p>lar Heaters – HX, IX, KX SeriesDesigned for heating applications with heating temperatures up to 750ºC.

• Sheath material, voltage, wattage, watt density and physical size/shape can be custom-engineered to suit any requirement.

• Available sheath materials include copper, steel, stainless-steel, Incoloy, Inconel, Mone, titanium, and other metallic materials.

Finned Tubular Heaters - KXF Series

Оребенные трубчатые нагреватели - серия KXFDesigned for use in forced convection, air or gas heating systems such as ducts, fan forced electric heaters, recirculation ovens and more.

• Can be custom designed for virtually any heating application requiring process temperatures up to 750ºF (400ºC).

• Sheath material, voltage, wattage, watt density and physical size/shape can be custom-engineered to suit any requirement.

• Sheath materials include steel, stainless-steel, copper, Incoloy, Inconel, nickel plated steel, and other metallic materials.

Cartridge Heaters – C Series

Патронные нагревательные элементы - серия СDesigned to offer a convenient and effective method of heating dies, platens, molds, heat sealing tools, and hot plates.

• Standard diameters for 0.250", 0.5", 0.625", 0.75", and 1.297" holes.

• Can be supplied with a variety of threaded fittings to facilitate installation.

• Available in standard voltages of 120V or 240V; special voltages available on custom order.

• Range from 30W to 5.0 kW, depending on hole diameter and heater length selected; special wattages available on custom order.

Strip Heaters – FS, SD, SS Series

Пластинчатые нагреватели - серия FS, SD, SSDesigned for a wide range of heating applications including surface heating, process air heating, dropping resistors for line applications in railroads and load banks, winterizing and more.

• Can be finned to enhance of heat to air.

• Constructed of high grade materials, including high temperature alloy resistance wire and corrosion-resistant aluminized steel sheath (suitable for maximum sheath temperatures up to 1000ºF / 538°C) or corrosion-resistant stainless-steel sheath (suitable for maximum she ath temperatures up to 1200ºF / 649°C).

Calvane Heaters – FV Series

Нагреватели Calvane - серия FVDesigned for comfort heating in mass transportation applications, such as railcars and aircraft.

• Aluminum sheath with integrally extruded fins, with lengths up to 120” and widths of 2.25" and 3.25".

• Offered in standard outputs from 500 to 1750W.

• Can be mounted in ducts for forced convection applications.

Other Elements and Specialty Heaters

Другие нагревательные элементы и специализированные нагреватели• Pilot Gas Heater (PGH & PGHT Series).

• Tubular Band Heaters (TBH & TBW).

• Band Heaters (BC Series).

• Cast-In Heaters (MC Series).

• Hot Plate Heaters (HPH Series).

• Drum Heaters (D Series).

• Bolt and Stud Heaters.

Engineered Products

Circulation Heaters - EX Series

Циркуляционные нагреватели Caloritech - серия EXProvide in-line electric heating in forced flow applications.

• Designs ranging from 0.6 to 5000 kW, higher kW ratings are also available.

• Optional features include built in high limits and thermostats, stainless steel welded parts, moisture resistant or explosion-proof housings.

• CRN registered vessels and heaters for Canada.

• Authorized to bear the U, U2, and N stamps, depending on the ASME code classification (Section VIII or III).

Packaged Circulation Heaters

Сборные циркуляционные нагреватели CaloritechCombine a circulation heater and an engineered control package to provide a turn-key system.

• Built to the highest standard in the industry.

• Pressure Vessels & Heaters authorized to bear the U, U2, and N stamps, depending on the ASME code classification (Section VIII or III).

Control Panels CP Series

Provide automatic process control of electric heaters.

• Feature conservative designs for extended life.

• Available up to 4000 amps at 660V.

• Control packages including basic on/off, contactor staged, base-load SCR and full SCR.

Heat Transfer Systems - FX Series

Системы теплопередачи Caloritech - серия FXProvide high temperature process heat with temperatures up to 707ºF (375ºC).

• Offered in 15 to 3000 kW, and from 380 to 660V, higher kW ratings are also available.

• Typical systems are equipped with low density type EX circulation heaters mounted on a structural steel frame with direct drive pumps, inlet, outlet, bypass, drain, fill and bleed valves.

• Other features may include filtration, motorized valves, pressure vessels and instrumentation.

• Pressure Vessels & Heaters authorized to bear the U, U2, and N stamps, depending on the ASME code classification (Section VIII or III).

Explosion-Proof Duct Heaters - XD Series

Взрывообезопасные нагреватели кабельных каналов Caloritech - серия XDHeat air in hazardous locations potentially containing explosive gases.

• Utilize extra-heavy walled, finned tubular heating elements mounted in the Caloritech patented x-Max terminal housing.

• Optional features including custom duct sizes, kW ratings and control panel packages.

• Standard designs from 2.5 to 50 kW sizes with temperature codes of T2D, T3A or T3B.

• Custom designs for higher power ratings available.

Gate Body Duct Heaters - WXS Series

Нагреватели каналов для корпусов вентилей Caloritech - серия WXSDesigned to heat the inside of the gate and prevent ice build-up on the gate walls, windseals and end members.

• Standard designs ranging from 4 to 120 kW, custom kW ratings are also available.

• Features include a weather proof duct heater, matched motor and high static pressure axial fan assembly installed within a galvanized heavy duty steel housing.

• Optional controls include ambient temperature sensing thermostat, outlet air temperature thermostat, limit control and differential pressure switch.

Immersion Heaters

Screwplug Heaters – CX Series

3__Вкручиваемый нагреватель.pngDesigned for heating applications such as water, oils, gases and mildly corrosive liquids.

• Standard designs with 1" to 2.5" screwplugs are available, with copper, Incoloy, Inconel, nickel plated steel, and other metallic materials, with or without built in thermostat.

• Custom built heaters are available in almost any rating up to 660V, with special sheath and plug materials.

• Available with general purpose, moisture resistant or explosion-proof terminal housings.

Flange Heaters - CX Series

Погружные нагревателиDesigned for heating applications such as heating water, oils, gases and mildly corrosive liquids.

• Available in a standard range of sizes from 2.5" to 14" (ANSI flange dimensions) and up to 135" immersed length, custom lengths and diameters up to 50” are also available.

• Available in a variety of voltages from 208 to 660V.

• NEMA 4 for outdoor applications or explosion-proof terminal housing for hazardous locations and/or flame proof terminal housings available.

Over the Side Immersion Heaters – DX, HX, QM Series

Прикрепляемые к краю поверхности погружаемые нагреватели - серия DX,HX,QMDesigned for liquid heating applications.

• Standard voltages range from 208 to 660V.

• Available in a range of wattages, from 3 to 7.5 kW for the single element unit and from 9 to 22.5 kW for the three element unit.

• Available sheath materials include copper, Incoloy, Inconel, nickel plated steel, and other metallic materials, and Teflon® or quartz sleeved.

Pipe Insert Heaters – MX Series

FPH - фланцевый обогреватель Designed to provide uniformly distributed heat to storage vessels containing high viscosity liquids such as asphalt, molasses, tar, paint, glue, wax and oils without causing charring or coking.

• Standard voltages range from 208 to 660V.

• NEMA 4 for outdoor applications or explosion-proof terminal housing for hazardous locations.

• Standard heaters use heavy duty alloy sheathed elements with either 3"-150 lb flanges or 2" NPT screwplugs with moisture resistant terminal housings.

• Optional features include packaged control systems, special wattages/voltages, built-in thermostats/limits and explosion proof housings.

Urn Heaters – TX Series

Нагреватели URN - серия TXDesigned for use in steam tables, coffee urns, kettles and percolators.

• Available in 120V, 208V and 240V standard voltages.

• A range of standard wattages available from 1 – 7.5 kW.

• Standard features include brass mounting flange, fully prewired copper elements and O-ring sealing gaskets.

• Optional features include “fast response low level trip”, special sheath materials, and special wattages and voltages.

Air & Space Heaters

Forced Air Unit Heaters - GE Series

Ruffneck RGEDesigned for use in regular duty industrial and commercial space heating applications.

• Phosphate coated, epoxy painted 18-gauge steel cabinet.

• Numerous optional factory installed features to meet specific customer requirements, including optional thermostats and controls and optional wall bracket.

• 35 models, offered in 2 to 40 kW and from 208 to 600V.

Forced Air Heavy Duty Unit Heaters - GX Series

Сверхпрочные нагревательные агрегаты с принудительной подачей воздуха - серия GXDesigned for heavy duty use in industrial environments.

• Heavy duty construction reduces the downtime and maintenance costs associated with standard design heaters.

• 18 models, offered in 15 to 50 kW and from 208 to 600V.

• 40 kW and 50 kW units incorporate split loads (50%) for remotely controlled energy management systems.

Corrosion-Resistant Washdown Heaters CR1 Triton

Ruffneck CRE TritonDesigned for non-hazardous industrial locations with elevated moisture levels.

• NEMA Type 4X construction for increased safety and protection against water penetration.

• Epoxy-coated fan blade and 16 gauge stainless steel cabinet for increased corrosion resistance.

• 37 models offered in 13 – 39 kW, ranging from 208 – 600V.

• Custom configured stainless steel spiral-finned heating elements for improved heat distribution and corrosion protection.

• UL listed Type 4X for coast guard and marine applications.

• Suitable for wash bays and humid locations.

• Able to withstand water spray of up to 70 PSIG (483 kPa).

Panel & Enclosure Heaters – PH and PXFT Series

Designed to prevent condensation and freezing in control panels.

• PH heater is available in four wattages ranging from 125 to 800W and utilizes a fan to circulate air in the panel, reducing temperature stratification.

• PXFT heater is a natural convection heater, available in wattages from 50 to 600W.

• Both types have built in thermostat control.

Commercial Duct Heaters – DI & DF Series

Потолочные обогреватели Thermon - серия DFF и DIFDesigned for comfort heating applications including make-up air handling units, air pre-heating, heat pump auxiliary systems and return air heating.

• Available in flanged or duct insert designs, with tubular or finned tubular elements.

• Offered in wattages up to 120 kW and from 120 to 600V.

• Higher wattages available in custom designs.

Process Duct Heaters – WX Series

Designed for installation in process ducts for heating air or other non-hazardous gases.

• Replaceable elements for easy serviceability.

• Suitable for outlet air temperatures up to 1112ºF (600ºC).

• Offered in 6 to 84 kW and from 208 to 600V.

• Higher wattages available in custom designs.

Infrared Radiant Heaters – OK Series

Designed for comfort heating applications.

• Can be configured with Incoloy® elements or quartz tube elements or quartz lamp to suit the application.

• Wide range of outputs, offered in 0.5 to 10 kW and from 120 to 600V.


Hot Water Boilers – VWB & HWB Series

Безымянный.pngDesigned for process and comfort heating, commercial applications,radiant floor heating, and car washes.

• Safe, quiet and reliable source of hot water.

• Offered in 150 – 5000 kW with pressure ratings up to 2500 psig.

• CSA approved, and designed and built to the latest version of the ASME code.

• Compliance to Chinese SELO Quality Requirements is also available upon request.

Steam Boilers - VSB & HSB Series

Steam Boilers - VSB & HSB SeriesProvide process steam for commercial and industrial applications including: cleaning applications, chemical distillation, autoclaves, heating jacketed vessels, and more.

• Fully packaged systems for safe, versatile and easy to use heat sources for low or high pressure steam.

• Caloritech™ boilers have low water volumes for rapid response.

• Offered in 9 to 5000 kW with pressure ratings up to 2500 psig.

• CSA approved, and designed and built to the latest version of the ASME code.

• Compliance to Chinese SELO Quality Requirements is also available upon request.

Packaged Circulation Heaters – CWCB Series

Packaged Circulation Heaters – CWCB SeriesDesigned for installation in circulating systems where space is limited.

• Standard configurations include commercial swimming pool heaters, side arm domestic water heaters, commercial dishwasher booster heaters or commercial hot water furnaces for comfort or process heating.

• Offered in 6 to 60 kW with pressure ratings up to 125 psig.

• Standard features include a galvanized shell, designed to the latest version of the ASME code, inlet, outlet, and drain connections, heavy duty copper sheathed flanged elements and fully pre-wired control panel.

Replacement Boiler Flange Heaters - CX Series

Designed as replacement parts for boilers.

• Available in a range of sizes and styles to suit the requirements of different boiler units, including rectangular flanges, square flanges and round flanges
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