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Fine Korea

Heating cable from the Korean manufacturer Fine Korea

fine-koreaFine Korea self-regulating heating cable is a type of heating cable with a unique property to change its heat dissipation depending on the ambient temperature.

Fine Korea is the # 1 self-regulating cable manufacturer in South Korea. The company's products are supplied to the leading countries of Europe, Asia, the USA and Japan. Only "Fine Korea" of all Korean companies has American Safety Code (UL), European Explosion-Proof Code (EX), ISO 9001 certifications.

Types of cables Fine Korea

  1. Fine Korea cables for external heating of pipes, SRL-2, SRF-2CR series.
  2. Fine Korea cables for internal heating of pipes, SRF (s) -2CR series.
  3. Fine Korea cables for heating roofs and gutters, GRX-2CR series.
  4. Fine Korea cables for heating industrial facilities, SRM-2CR, SRM-2CT, SRF-2CR series.
  5. Fine Korea cables for snow melting, anti-icing, SM2-CR series.

Heating cable specifications Fine Korea

fine korea cabelHeating cables Fine Koea are self-regulating parallel circuits with a nominal voltage of up to 240 V, with a nominal power of 10 W / m to 50 W / m at an ambient temperature of 10 ° C and a maximum self-limiting temperature of 85 ° C to 100 ° C.

The production company Fine Korea is engaged in the manufacture of heating cables using only OWN technologies. Over the past ten years, over 10 MILLION meters of self-regulating electric heating cable have been produced. The Korean manufacturer has all the necessary international certificates confirming the quality of the cable, which allows it to supply its products not only to the domestic market, but also to European countries.

Advantages of heating cables Fine Korea

  • Application of carbon heating cable. Unlike a standard heating device, a carbon heating cable generates heat using carbon particles in a semiconductor material by passing electrical current through a semiconductor with Positive Temperature Coefficient (PTC) properties. PTC, a kind of natural phenomenon, is characterized by the output power of the heating cable, which is adjusted to compensate for changes in the ambient temperature. The self-regulating carbon heating cable was developed based on this property of the PTC.
  • Self-regulation. The lower the room temperature, the more heat the thermal cable generates, and vice versa, the higher the room temperature, the less heat the thermal cable generates.
  • Energy saving. Due to the above properties of the PTC, it is possible to minimize electricity consumption - under the same operating conditions, energy consumption can be reduced by up to 40% compared to conventional heating devices that use high-resistance metal conductors or film heating elements.
  • Fast heating. The heating cable, due to the properties of the PTC, can generate heat automatically, for example, when the floor in the room is cold and the temperature in the room is low. Heating cable heating time is twice as fast as other heating systems.
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