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Flexible explosion-proof electric heaters ENGKEx-1

ENGL-5Flexible cable heating elements explosion-proof "ENGKEx-1" from the company Online Energy are designed to warm up and compensate for heat losses of various process equipment, apparatus, pipelines, valves, control equipment, etc. electrical installations (PUE) to class V-1a, V-1b, V-1g, where the formation of explosive mixtures of gases and vapors with air of categories 11A, IV, 11C and groups T1, T2, TZ, T4, T5, and T6 is possible in accordance with GOST 12.1.011-78.

Key features of ENGKEx-1

"ENGKEx-1" from the company Online Energy is an industrial quality flexible heating cable that can be used for process heating or maintaining set temperatures up to 180 0С, including in explosive areas.

The design of "ENGKEx-1" heaters consists of an active (heating) part, switching lugs and low-temperature leads.

The active part is a multi-wire heating core made of a high electrical resistance alloy or a wire of the same alloy, wound on a fiberglass bundle, braided with glass fiber and covered with a silicone rubber sealing sheath. In switching lugs, the heating wire is connected to the low-temperature leads by welding. Switching lugs are pressed with silicone rubber. Wires with stranded copper conductor and silicone rubber insulation. The entire ENGKEx-1 heater, including switching lugs and low-temperature leads, has a continuous protective sheath (screen) made of tinned copper wire.

"ENGKEx-1" heaters are finished products - heating sections of the specified sizes and capacities and are not subject to cutting to size. The choice of "ENGKEx-1" heaters is carried out after performing a heat engineering calculation that determines the amount of installed power. "ENGKEx-1" are installed quickly and easily, no special skills or tools are required.

Technical characteristics of ENGKEx-1 presented on the site Online Energy

  • Withstands temperatures up to 180 0 C.
  • Specific power of heaters (power per meter of active part): 20, 30, 40, 50 W/m.
  • Minimum bending radius: 25 mm.
  • Section diameter of the active part: 6 mm (version 1), 4.6 mm (version 2).
  • Length of low temperature copper wires: 1000mm
  • Available for operating voltages of 220 and 380 VAC.
  • Approved for use in hazardous areas.
  • Electrical resistance of heater insulation at ambient temperature (25±10)°C and relative humidity up to 90%, calculated per 1 km of the length of its active part, MΩ, not less than 20.

Note. The surface temperature of the "ENGKEx-1" heater must not exceed the maximum temperature that its structural materials can withstand. This is ensured by limiting the temperature of the pipe or workpiece to a safe level, by design analysis (stabilized design) or by temperature control.

Main parameters and dimensions of ENGKEx-1

An example of recording a symbol for a heater with a rated power of 1.39 kW, a rated operating voltage of 220 V and a length of 69.6 m: ENGKEx-1-1.39 / 220-69.6.

Heater symbol Specific power, W/m Rated power, kW Length, m Weight, kg, no more
ENGKEh-1-2.30/220-46.0 fifty 2.30 46.0 3.30
ENGKEh-1-2.04/220-51.0 40 2.04 51.0 3.70
ENGKEh-1-1.80/220-59.5 thirty 1.80 59.5 4.40
ENGKEh-1-1.47/220-73.0 twenty 1.47 73.0 5.30
ENGKEh-1-4.0/380-80.0 fifty 4.0 80.0 5.90
ENGKEh-1-3.06/380-102.0 thirty 3.06 102.0 7.70
ENGKEh-1-2.5/380-125.0 twenty 2.5 125.0 9.20
ENGKEh-1-1.80/220-36.0 fifty 1.80 36.0 2.70
ENGKEh-1-1.60/220-40.0 40 1.60 40.0 2.90
ENGKEh-1-1.38/220-46.0 thirty 1.38 76.0 3.40
ENGKEh-1-1.12/220-56.0 twenty 1.12 85.0 4.10
ENGKEh-1-3.12/380-62.5 fifty 3.12 62.5 4.40
ENGKEh-1-2.78/380-69.5 40 2.78 5.0 5.20
ENGKEh-1-1.93/380-96.5 twenty 1.93 5.0 7.00

The principle of operation of ENGKEx-1 from Online Energy

The principle of operation is based on the release of heat by the heating wires when an electric current passes through them and this heat is transferred to the heating object.

Explosion protection of "ENGKEx-1" heaters is ensured only when the following means and measures are used:

  • The heating system with heaters must have protective equipment that does not allow heating of external surfaces above the values ​​​​regulated for groups of explosive mixtures according to GOST 12.1.011-78, in which the system is operated, namely: above 180 ° C for groups T1, T2, TK; above 135 ° C for group T4; above 100 ° C for group T5; above 85°C for group T6.
  • Each heating circuit of the heating system must have its own primary temperature converter installed in the area with the highest power per length (volume) of the heated equipment.
  • Temperature protection equipment on the surface of the heater must be independent of the equipment designed to control the temperature in accordance with the technological regulations.
  • Heaters or their groups must be protected against overloads, short circuit currents and earth leakage currents. Earth leakage protection equipment must disconnect the heaters from the network when the earth leakage current is more than 30 mA.
  • The heaters may only be operated with a thermal insulation coating made of non-combustible mineral or synthetic materials with a protective metal coating, 0.5 mm thick, superimposed on top of the thermal insulation.
  • The connection of low-temperature terminals of heaters with supply wires (cables) within explosive zones must be carried out in terminal boxes that meet the requirements of Table. 7.3.11. ch. 7.3. "Rules for electrical installations" (PUE).
  • Metal heated objects and protective metal casings of thermal insulation must be grounded.
  • Temperature control and regulation equipment located in an explosive zone must comply with the requirements of Ch. 7.3. PUE.
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