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Thermon industrial heating systems

Thermon serves the global Energy, Power Generation and Chemical markets to provide innovative solutions for industrial heating applications by deeply understanding our customers’ needs. We specialize in providing complete flow assurance, process heating, temperature maintenance, freeze protection and environmental monitoring solutions

Electrical cabel heating systems

The demands placed on heat tracing systems vary based on the design parameters specific to each application. To meet these needs, Thermon manufactures the widest variety of electric heating cables and control systems in the world

Electrical cabel heating systemsPositive temperature coefficient heating cables: self-regulating heating cables and maximum power heating cables. These cables are cut to the required length.It is possible to overlap without temperature or other damage to the cable. For heating power cables of maximum power, the regulation of the output power provides the necessary heat transfer for high-temperature applications and they are characterized by minimal starting currents. Constant power heating cables presented on the "Online Energy" website.

Electrical cabel heating systemsHeating cables of constant power of parallel and series resistance. Constant power allows current control. The absence of inrush currents reduces the required power supply. For a constant power cable with a series resistance, the series circuit eliminates the voltage drop.
Mineral-insulated heating cables are used at high temperatures of exposure and operation. The cable is made of a certain length. Serial circuit eliminates voltage drop.

Mineral-insulated heating cables areSelf-regulating heating cables for domestic use: preventing the formation of ice and snow on roofs and gutters, protection against freezing of water pipes, etc. The range of self-regulating heating cables "Thermon" presented on the site.

Heating reservoir panels Thermon

heating-panesThe RT FlexiPanel is a self-contained, high performance flexible heating panel designed specifically for use on reservoirs, metallic tanks or vessels.

Hopper heating module Thermon HT

heating-bunker-panelsThe HT hopper heating module is a rugged, self-contained high performance heater designed for reliable operation on surfaces prone to vibration. Designed to provide heat outputs up to 3 watts per square inch (4,650 watts per square meter) depending on the application, the HT module distributes heat evenly over the entire panel surface. To ensure optimal performance, each system is engineered by Thermon based on the heating requirements of the application.

Systems of control and regulation heating systems Thermon

Thermon has thermostats and controllers for temperature control. Both simple mechanical ones for controlling the heating circuits, and with a microprocessor-based control and monitoring system.

Industrial electric heaters Thermon

Industrial electric heaters ThermonThe company "Online Energy" offers solutions for the creation of electric heating systems that meet the needs of all sectors of the industry, which include:

  1. Exploration and production
  2. Natural gas processing
  3. Gas pipelines and storage
  4. Distribution and consumers

The range of equipment for electric industrial heating, presented by the company "Online Energy", includes the following areas:

  • Heated air, spaces at industrial facilities
  • Heating liquids and materials in production
  • Industrial equipment freeze protection
  • Circulation heating equipment
  • Management and control of the heating system
  • Explosion proof equipment
  • Waterproof equipment
  • Corrosion Resistant Heaters
  • Engineering systems

Gas industrial heating systems Thermon

Gas industrial heating systems ThermonFor heating industrial facilities in enterprises, the company "Online Energy" offers a variety of electric and gas heating systems.

The following types of gas heating Thermon:

  • Case Heaters
  • Infrared gas heaters
  • Gas heating systems
  • Explosion Proof Gas Catalytic Heaters
  • Gas blowers
  • Gas heating accessories
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