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Unified flexible tape heating element ENGLU-400

ENGL-3High electric heating tape power for heating pipelines and tanks, offered by Online Energy.

High operating temperatures may be required for: • Construction industry - bitumen/asphalt heating.

• Paint industry - curing ovens.

• Chemical industry - injection molding machines, extruders.

• Processing of metals - melting of fusible alloys.

• Heating of press plates, dies, molds, equipment of contact and convective heating devices, including ovens and ovens.

Key features of ENGLU-400

"ENGLU -400" is an industrial grade flexible heating tape that can be used to heat up and compensate for heat losses in tanks, pipelines and other process equipment.

"ENGLU-400" is a fiberglass tape from the company Online Energy impregnated with an organosilicate composition based on eight nichrome heating wires.

The heating wires are wound with glass fiber of 3 layers, the inner and intermediate layers of glass fiber are impregnated with an organosilicate composition.

ENGLU-400 tapes are finished products, they are produced only in the specified sizes and capacities and are not subject to cutting to size.

Do not allow moisture to enter the heater.

Technical characteristics of ENGLU-400

  1. Specific power of heaters (power per meter of active part): 50, 100, 200, 300 W/m.
  2. According to the method of connection to the power source, the heaters are made in two versions: cold leads on one side or cold leads on opposite sides.
  3. Maximum temperature: 4000 C (2500 C on request).
  4. Minimum bending radius: 15 mm.
  5. Section size of the active part: width 21 mm, thickness 2 mm.
  6. Power supply: ~220.
  7. Length of low-temperature copper wires: 700 mm (optional - any).

Note. The surface temperature of the "ENGLU-400" heater must not exceed the maximum temperature that its structural materials can withstand. This is ensured by limiting the temperature of the pipe or workpiece to a safe level, by design analysis (stabilized design) or by temperature control.

Main parameters and dimensions of ENGLU 400 from Online Energy

Heater symbol Specific power, W/m Rated power, W Length, m Weight, kg, no more
ENGLU-400-1.27/220-4.1 300 1270 4.1 0.78
ENGLU-400-1.0/220-5.0 200 1000 5.0 0.91
ENGLU-400-2.5/220-8.3 300 2500 8.3 1.35
ENGLU-400-0.5;1.0;2.0/220-10.0 50/100/200 500/1000/2000 10.0 1.60
ENGLU-400-5.0/220-16.80 300 5000 16.8 2.57
ENGLU-400-1.2;2.5;5.0/220-16.80 75/150/300 1200/2500/5000 16.8 2.57
ENGLU-400-1.0;2.0;4.0/220-20.0 50/100/200 1000/2000/4000 20.0 3.00


  1. ENGLU-400 heaters with a specific power of more than 100 W/m must be operated with thermostats.
  2. Heating tapes have cold leads on opposite sides.

Englu-400 installation

  • Before installation, the heated surfaces must be thoroughly cleaned, burrs and welds must be removed.
  • Before installation, in order to increase the service life of the heated equipment, the surfaces must be coated with two or three layers of anti-corrosion heat-resistant coating of OS 82-05 organosilicate materials; TU.84-72578.
  • Installation and operation of the ENGLU-400 heater is permitted provided that a thermostat is used to limit the operating t0 on the heater surface above 400 0С.
  • The end of the heater with low-temperature leads is fixed with glass tape, after which the active part of the heater is wrapped with a slight tightness around the heated object or laid linearly along it. The second end of the heater is also fixed with glass tape.
  • On vertical sections of pipelines, heaters are mounted only with spiral winding.
  • In linear laying, the heaters are fixed with glass tape in increments of no more than 0.5 m.
  • After installation, the insulation resistance of the heaters relative to the heated object is checked. The resistance value must be at least 1 MΩ.
  • Install thermal insulation and sheathing with protective shells** and ground the protective shells.

If possible, the low-temperature outlet should be mounted at the bottom of the heated object in order to reduce the effect of the heat flux on it.

Thermal insulation must be resistant to operating temperatures (400 0С).

Englu-400 maintenance

  • Maintenance of heating objects must be carried out by personnel with a permit to service electrical equipment, qualified as an electrician, familiar with this description and trained in safety when working with electrical installations.
  • At least once every three months, it is necessary to check the value of the insulation resistance in a cold and hot state.
  • If the cold insulation resistance drops below 1 MΩ due to exposure to moisture, it is necessary to dry them.
  • Drying is carried out by connecting them to a voltage of no more than half of the minimum allowable insulation resistance value.
  • If the insulation resistance in the hot state drops below 0.5 MΩ, overheating or other malfunctions in the operation of the heaters, it is necessary to turn off the network and only after the troubleshooting has been clarified and corrected, reconnect the power supply.
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