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Wieland connectors on cable

Convenient and safe installation with Wieland connectors on the heating cable

Wieland Cable Connectors "Wieland" series of easily removable connectors, presented on the website Online Energy, is a complete system of components for solving the problems of electrical switching of power and heating cables in individual, commercial and industrial electrical heating systems. Depending on the scope of application, general industrial and explosion-proof versions are offered.

Using Wieland connectors

Easy-to-remove couplings of general application can be used for mounting the heater cable at industrial facilities in difficult conditions. Maintaining the required temperature level of the pipeline, tanks, containers and industrial facilities. The "Wieland" series includes connectors and connectors with a number of poles from 2 to 5.

Features of connectors and connections of easily removable Wieland

Connectors intended for installation on a cable consist of two parts: a contact insert and a connector housing. Seats are unified, thereby providing free configuration of the connector.

Features of connectors and connections of easily detachable Wieland Depending on the design requirements, three options for fixing the current-carrying core of the cable can be used: screw and spring clamp or crimp contact. It is possible to connect stranded and solid conductors. A distinctive feature of contact inserts with spring fixation is the possibility of connecting two conductors to one contact. Directly near the connection points of the conductors, an indelible marking of the pole is applied, which makes it possible to exclude typical errors during installation.

Features of connectors and connections for easily detachable WielandConnectors offered by Online Energy come pre-installed with round cable glands. To adapt the connector for installation on a profiled heating cable, it is necessary to remove the standard seal and install a specialized one purchased separately in its place.

By default, connectors are supplied with a connection lock pre-installed on the female part. The latch is easily removable and easily replaceable. In case an easily detachable connection is required, the retainer is removed from the detachable pair.

Features of connectors and connections of easily detachable WielandThe latch ensures the safety of the connection of the docked connectors with a tensile force of up to 120-140 N. If this value is exceeded, the disconnection of the connector pair provided for by the constructive occurs. This is done so that in the event of abnormal tensile forces, the detachable pair opens without physical damage to the connectors and without violating the integrity of the electrical connection of the conductors and clamping elements.

A button is provided for disconnecting the connectors without the use of a mounting tool. Installed on the female connector just before assembling the connector.

If a monolithic connection of a detachable pair is required, the latch is dismantled from the detachable pair and a clamp-tie is pulled through the technological holes for the latch. It is also possible to seal a detachable connection through technological holes.

The advantages of using Wieland easily removable connectors compared to traditional methods

  • The installation process takes several times less time.
  • A significant part of the installation of the heating cable on pipelines, tanks, tanks and other industrial facilities can be performed remotely in comfortable and suitable conditions, which can significantly reduce the installation time of the system as a whole.
  • The maximum transparency of the mounted system. Since all Wieland electrical connections from Online Energy are easily removable, installers can easily make changes, even to the installed cable system (extending cable sections, connecting additional sections, etc.).
  • Reconnecting live conductors.
  • Providing a high degree of protection (IP67/IP69K).
  • Different ways to fix the heating cable.
  • High current carrying capacity of connectors in a compact size.
  • Many connector models with different numbers of poles.
  • Sealing the connection and fixing the heating cable in the housing with a collet clamp.
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