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Industrial heating systems Eltherm

The company "Online Energy" has been supplying electric heating equipment of the German brand Eltherm for many years. Eltherm has been operating in the global market for over 40 years, constantly developing and introducing new technologies to achieve maximum product quality.

All production facilities of the company are located in Germany, which reflects the company's philosophy of maximum control over the quality of production.

Industrial heating systems ElthermOwn production of heating cables, hoses, mats, covers, equipment for measurement and regulation, as well as accessories, allows Eltherm to provide the customer with a full range of equipment for electrical heating of an object of any complexity.

Industrial piping electrical heating systems are among the most common areas of application for heating systems in both the explosive and non-hazardous areas. They serve to protect against freezing or to maintain a constant temperature and are an important component of equipment in many industries, providing fluidity and the course of production processes. The electrical heating system for pipelines prevents damage due to freezing, maintains a constant temperature level and prevents condensation and stagnation of the transported medium. In addition, electric heating systems for pipelines are used to heat certain environments, for example, when using molten salts in solar power plants.

Types of equipment for electric heating systems Eltherm

1. Self-regulated heating cables Eltherm

Self-regulated heating cables Eltherm Self-regulating trace heaters consist of two parallel bus wires embedded in a heating matrix doped with carbon particles. When the temperature rises in operation, molecular expansion increases the distance between the carbon particles. The resistance increases and output drops. When temperatures fall, this process is reversed and output increases. This physical property means that the heater will never overheat, can be assembled crosswise and can be operated without a temperature controller. Moreover, selected ELSR heating cables are approved for use in hazardous areas. The ELSR (eltherm-self-regulating) trace heater is used for frost protection and temperature maintenance on vessels, pipes, valves, etc. It may be immersed in fluids. For use in aggressive environments (e.g. in chemical or petrochemical industry), the trace heater is coated with a special chemically resistant outer jacket (fluoropolymer), option “BOT”.).

2. Resistance heating cables Eltherm

Resistance heating cables Eltherm
The generation of heat in all areas relies on electric heat tracer. In this specific field of technology eltherm specially focuses on the production of high-quality heating cables. All resistance heating cables are insulated by a fluoropolymer outer jacket. This guarantees high temperature resistance up to 300 °C, high flexibility, optimal chemical resistance, unlimited aging stability and highest electric strength. Some of eltherm’s special products are high temperature resistance heating cables and heating tapes, featuring an insulation made from glass fibre or quartz fibre which are suitable for temperature ranges up to about 900 °C. We also manufacture constant wattage heating cables with resistance wire, for non-hazardous as well as for hazardous areas applications.

3. Preselected heating hoses Eltherm

Preselected heating hoses ElthermEltherm is one of the leading suppliers of heated hoses / flexible, heated lines in Europe. Depending on the requirements and application, eltherm's flexible, heated lines ensure temperature loss-free transport of liquid and gaseous media. All eltherm heated hoses are individually designed and produced according to customer specifications. Our in-house development department will be pleased to meet your requirements and find a tailor-made solution. Of course, eltherm also offers flexible heated hoses that can be used in hazardous areas.

Rail, Track and Switch Point Heating Eltherm

Rail, Track and Switch Point Heating ElthermThe operators of public and private commuter and freight railway networks require smooth, safe traffic, wherever winters are cold with frequent ice and snow. Freeze prevention on tracks and switch points to keep them free from ice keeps trains safely on track and on time. A reliable, energy efficient electrical trace heating system with intelligent control achieves just that and assures you of several technical and economic advantages.

Heated pressure hoses Eltherm

Heated pressure hoses ElthermDN4-DN25 - Heated pressure hoses serve to heat media, maintain a constant temperature and transport media such as the following without heat loss: oil, grease, wax, resin, tar, paint, water, glue, plastic, casting compound, food, etc. The heated hose is mounted on movable system and machine parts in most cases.

Control and monitoring Eltherm

Intelligent temperature control solutions play a critical role in today’s electrical heat tracing applications and contribute to ever rising standards in safety, reliability, precision and energy efficiency. The temperature range is from - 60 to + 999° C. Our electronic temperature controllers also comply with latest Ex-protection directives for their use in hazardous areas that are typical in power plants, oil & gas plants, chemical, petrochemical and pharmaceutical plants, the plastics industry or wastewater treatment plants.

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