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Skin-effect system

Skin-effect system ThermTrack

Skin-effect system ThermTrackHeating of trunk pipelines up to 25 kilometers long.
Skin-effect heating system provides a cost-effective alternative to traditional resistance heating systems for long pipelines, eliminating the need for a bulky energy distribution system. One electrical input allows heating the pipeline up to 25 kilometers long. Skin-effect system is ideal for maintaining temperature, frost protection and piping heating. The system generates heat due to the alternating current passing through the inner surface of the heating tube. The system is electrical and explosion proof - no current on the outer surface.

The skin-effect heating system is based on the ThermTrac insulated conductor. The company "Online Energy" delivers individually for a specific project a nickel-plated copper conductor with dielectric insulation and a protective sheath. In systems of protection against freezing and maintenance of low temperatures copper tinned conductors with Teflon insulation are used. Polyolefin insulated copper nickel conductors provide the best temperature, flexibility and strength required for many high-temperature applications.

Skin-effect features

  • Specific power options: up to 1650C
  • Supply voltage: up to 3.5 kV
  • Maximum temperature maintenance:2000C
  • Maximum continuous exposure temperature:
    Fluoropolymer insulation: 2600C
    Polyolefin insulation: 1250C
  • Minimum installation temperature: 460C
  • ThermTrack conductor sizes from 8 AWG to 1 AWG
  • Nominal tube sizes: "1/2" - "1 - 1/2"

Maximum power is limited by permissible conductor temperatures. Teflon-insulated conductors have maximum power, but polyethylene-insulated conductors are significantly cheaper. Therefore, if there is not enough power of one heating tube, installing several.

The longer the ThermTrack system - the more voltage is needed to maintain the required current. An increase in the number of heating tubes reduces the required current in each tube and, accordingly, the operating voltage in each tube. Therefore, increasing the number of tubes, we reduce the number of supply points. The voltage of the mains is unprincipled for the system - transformers can be manufactured under almost any voltage.

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