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Explosion-proof connectors

Safe and easy installation in hazardous areas with Wieland's special series of explosion-proof connectors

wieland_1Easily detachable connectors and connections "Wieland" explosion-proof , presented on the website Online Energy consist of components designed for use in hazardous areas. Thanks to the use of explosion-proof components of the Ex series, a wide range of lighting and cable heating tasks for hazardous areas is solved, and various types of connections are provided.

General information about Wieland explosion-proof connectors

A special series of explosion-proof couplings includes connectors made of special materials suitable for use in explosive environments.

An explosive atmosphere is a room or confined space in which explosive mixtures are present or may form. In such areas, appropriate types of protection must be used to ensure the safe operation of electrical heating systems.

Easily removable couplings "Wieland" are marked with a special symbol "EX" - compliance with increased safety requirements. Easy-to-remove couplings of general application can be used for installation of electric heating cable.

Maintaining the required temperature level of the pipeline or other industrial facilities. The "Wieland" series includes connectors and connectors with a number of poles from 2 to 5.

Installation of typical knots compared to traditional methods:

  • Takes SEVERAL TIMES less time.
  • To a greater extent, it can be done not on site, but remotely, which can significantly reduce the time of installation work.
  • Because the wiring process is simply clipping on detachable components without any additional work, it does not require special skills and equipment./li>

The benefits of using Wieland easily removable connectors and connections from Online Energy

  1. Possibility of multiple disassembly and assembly of the connector.
  2. Reconnecting live conductors.
  3. Providing a high degree of protection (IP69K).
  4. Different ways to fix the wire.
  5. High current carrying capacity of the connector in a compact size.
  6. Different number of poles in one connector with the same dimensions.
  7. The contact insert of the connector is marked with the marking of the connected poles.
  8. Sealing the connection and fixing the cable in the housing with a collet.
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