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Connectors Wieland - pluggable heating installation systems in highest IP rating.

Разъемы для установки на кабельAnywhere where high demands are placed on an electrical connection, our RST® connectors are in their element. No matter how tough your site is, with the tight seal and high mechanical strength of the connectors, even your application will be installed surprisingly quickly and, above all, safely.

Not only can these connectors be used in the smallest of spaces and environments due to their compact design, they are also pre-wired and color-coded, so they can be connected in no time according to the Plug&Play principle.

The outlet frame accommodates all the 2-pole to 5-pole mounting sockets of the RST® series. The automated RST® CLASSIC mechanical locking mechanism guarantees a secure connection between male and female connectors which can be loosened again simply using a standard screwdriver.

Your advantages

  • Automated, mechanical locking mechanism of the RST® CLASSIC connectors when inserting.
  • Disconnection of the locking mechanism using standard screwdrivers.
  • Touch-proof contacts with male and female connectors, even in unplugged state.

Time is money

Reduce installation and assembly time, and therefore also installation costs, by coupling and uncoupling quickly with the Plug&Play principle. Be faster than any screw or bayonet connection.

Resource-Efficient + Reusable

Create a long-term connection. Our connectors are intended to be used again and again, thanks to their robust design and our extremely high demands on the quality of the materials we choose.

Everyone likes a change

 Быстросъемные разъемы WielandWith easy disassembly and flexible replacement of devices, you will reduce the effort involved in modifications to a minimum. The pre-wired connectors of the RST® series enable maintenance and repairs during operation, even under difficult working conditions. Plug&Play means quick and safe coupling and uncoupling with little downtime.

Child’s play with the correct codings

Faulty wiring and annoying troubleshooting will be a thing of the past thanks to the mechanical and color codings. Whether low-voltage systems, emergency power systems, or the main power supply, there is no chance of any errors resulting from confusion. Cable screw connections are problems of the past. The Plug&Play principle will revolutionize your electronic connection!

Robust, stable, and resistant

What you can expect from the RST® connector series Depending on the respective IP rating of the different RST® models, these round connectors excel in the following areas:

  1. Comprehensive protection against jets of water, including high-pressure and steam jets.
  2. Temporary and prolonged immersion.
  3. Complete protection against contact.
  4. Protection against foreign objects, such as dust deposits and dust ingress.
  5. High reliability to ensure a stable and continuous electronic connection.

Have high standarts

Разъемы Wieland на кабельStandard and quality are of utmost importance to us. Thanks to our many years of experience, we can draw on in-depth know-how to create durable and functional products. Our products are constantly improved and tested. Even before delivery, our connectors prove themselves in our in-house laboratory. For example, the IP 68 we offer is intensively tested and checked at a depth of three meters for two hours. Furthermore, we subject our products to various high-pressure tests to check their resistance to splash water. But not only water is part of our internal testing, our products are also tested for mechanical stress from the outside. In concrete terms, this means that tests of the IK impact resistance or the IK code are carried out using a pendulum or spring hammer. For example, code IK07 stands for a test with 500 grams from a height of 40 cm.

Internal waterstop

Wondering why this feature is needed? It provides additional safety for cable installation. Temperature fluctuations and therefore condensation, faulty installation and damaged cables can become your worst enemy if moisture and water (capillary effect) penetrate your devices! This is where the mentioned seal comes into play; every contact has its own additional seal to prevent water from getting in (longitudinally watertight).

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